By Clark Kent

Letter to the Daily Planet

By Clark Kent

The Daily planet recently received the following letter:



Lana Lang, Daily Planet Business Editor

When this reporter spoke to Jeremy Jacob Astorbilt V, it was obvious that going public with his upstart social networking company Twitface wasn’t solely his decision.

“But, Daddy!” he said, adjusting his glasses and seemingly speaking into the thin air, “It’s supposed to be all MINE! What’s the SEC, anyway? Really? That much? Really?” When he noticed this reporter standing in the doorway, his demeanor changed “Oh, hello!” he said, with his usual attempt to be boyishly charming.


The Wayne Prilip Ruby was found around the turn of the century by Bruce Wayne's grandfather while he was in Macedonia touring about the continent. The stone, a fantastic raspberry color, was finally cut to 35.6 carats and then set in an Edwardian pectoral necklace piece, enhanced by 72 other stones, in early 1908. The surrounding stones include cabochon lavender sapphires, color changing sapphires (usually deep purple indoors, becoming bright blue in sunlight), emeralds, rubies, diamonds, topaz and amethysts.


Bruce Wayne Charity Auction Interview

By Clark Kent

Clark: Hello Bruce, good to see you.

Bruce: Likewise. You look good, been getting a lot of sun?

Clark: Thanks. I just got back from covering a story in south america actually. So I wanted to talk about your newest fundraising ball and auction. This is almost becoming a regular thing for you.

Bruce: Every now and then a specific need comes to my attention. This time, I’m helping to raise funds for Arkham Asylum. They do what they can with what they have, but you know the Asylum has a large number of innmates, many of whom need specialized care.

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