Bruce Wayne Charity Auction Interview

By Clark Kent

Clark: Hello Bruce, good to see you.

Bruce: Likewise. You look good, been getting a lot of sun?

Clark: Thanks. I just got back from covering a story in south america actually. So I wanted to talk about your newest fundraising ball and auction. This is almost becoming a regular thing for you.

Bruce: Every now and then a specific need comes to my attention. This time, I’m helping to raise funds for Arkham Asylum. They do what they can with what they have, but you know the Asylum has a large number of innmates, many of whom need specialized care.

Who's Who and Who's Wearing What at the Gotham City Black & White Ball

by Tiffany Vanderleer (Guesting for Cat Grant)

While ticket sales to the Gotham City Black & White Ball have already raised astronomically high funds for the Elizabeth Arkham Asylum's new wing, the most intriguing and controversial fund-raising technique of the evening will be the auction to "Win a Date" with our host, billionaire playboy philanthropist Bruce Wayne, CEO of Wayne Industries.



By Tessa Algernon
Daily Planet Political Columnist

GOTHAM CITY - A famous bald head may soon be occuping the Oval Office - and no, we do not mean the American eagle on the presidential seal. Billionaire philanthropist and CEO Lex Luthor, who has arrived in Gotham ostensibly as a guest for Bruce Wayne's upcoming charity ball, is expected to announce his candidacy for president within the next few days.


By Lois Lane

METROPOLIS - BREAKING: Lexcorp has been caught red handed using the ocean as a dumping ground for dangerous chemicals. Reports from sources inside the company suggest Lexcorp is trying to reverse engineer "Kryptonite" a mineral of extraterrestrial origin rumored to have adverse effects on Superman. To cover up this dangerous and unsanctioned research several large pipelines have been constructed from Lexcorp's chemical research division into Metropolis harbor.


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