The Wayne Prilip Ruby was found around the turn of the century by Bruce Wayne's grandfather while he was in Macedonia touring about the continent. The stone, a fantastic raspberry color, was finally cut to 35.6 carats and then set in an Edwardian pectoral necklace piece, enhanced by 72 other stones, in early 1908. The surrounding stones include cabochon lavender sapphires, color changing sapphires (usually deep purple indoors, becoming bright blue in sunlight), emeralds, rubies, diamonds, topaz and amethysts. The piece was first worn at the first Gotham City Philharmonic performance conducted by Gustav Mahler can find. Halfway through the concert, Mrs. Wayne removed the piece as it was receiving too much attention, in order to shift the focus of the evening back to Mahler's conducting.

The piece is being auctioned off at Bruce Wayne's Gotham City Black and White Ball to raise money for the new wing at the Elizabeth Arkham Asylum.


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