Lana Lang, Daily Planet Business Editor

When this reporter spoke to Jeremy Jacob Astorbilt V, it was obvious that going public with his upstart social networking company Twitface wasn’t solely his decision.

“But, Daddy!” he said, adjusting his glasses and seemingly speaking into the thin air, “It’s supposed to be all MINE! What’s the SEC, anyway? Really? That much? Really?” When he noticed this reporter standing in the doorway, his demeanor changed “Oh, hello!” he said, with his usual attempt to be boyishly charming.

Jeremy Jacob Astorbilt, V: TwitGlass! It’s the latest and greatest technology!

Lana Lang: Similar to Google Glass?

JJA, V: No, it’s better!

LL: In what way?

JJA, V: It just IS acheter levitra en ligne acheter cialis en ligne! So, Daddy and, I mean I am, just me, I am very excited about our initial public offering. Twitface is just the beginning. This is the prototype for TwitGlass, and we’re working on an interactive infodump site, Twitipedia, they’re better than anything out there. People should completely invest, buy shares and all that. They’re just better, in ways you wouldn’t understand!”

LL: It seems as though whether or not Twitface thrives isn’t about the state of its stock offerings, nor even its bleeding-edge technology

JJA, V: It’s just better

LL: It’s about keeping ahead of the curve, getting news out to people before any other media or social networking outlet.

JJA, V: I was just going to say that. Trust me, Twitface lets people report news as it happens. Twitface makes news! Makes news! That’s it!

Astorbilt left the room, bumping into the doorframe as he was distracted by whatever he was seeing in his prototype TwitGlasses.

Twitface’s IPO will be held Monday, March 3. (NYSE: TWIT)
Speculators are predicting an immediate downturn if the company cannot keep up with and surpass similar social networking sites.

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