By Lois Lane

METROPOLIS - BREAKING: Lexcorp has been caught red handed using the ocean as a dumping ground for dangerous chemicals. Reports from sources inside the company suggest Lexcorp is trying to reverse engineer "Kryptonite" a mineral of extraterrestrial origin rumored to have adverse effects on Superman. To cover up this dangerous and unsanctioned research several large pipelines have been constructed from Lexcorp's chemical research division into Metropolis harbor.

This development has major health implications as Kryptonite is radioactive and potentially hazardous over long term exposure http://www.iutoic-dhaka...gra-otc.html. At the moment, no ill effects have been reported.

Company CEO Lex Luthor in a press release has expressed ignorance over the research and outrage at the environmental damage, promising to deal swiftly with the management staff responsible as well as lend his company's finances and resources to cleanup.

The details of this operation came to light when a company handbook on waste disposal was leaked to the press by a Lexcorp employee. He was unavailable for comment.

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