By Tessa Algernon
Daily Planet Political Columnist

GOTHAM CITY - A famous bald head may soon be occuping the Oval Office - and no, we do not mean the American eagle on the presidential seal. Billionaire philanthropist and CEO Lex Luthor, who has arrived in Gotham ostensibly as a guest for Bruce Wayne's upcoming charity ball, is expected to announce his candidacy for president within the next few days.

Mr. Luthor shocked the nation four years ago by running as a third-party candidate in the last election and nearly garnering enough electoral votes to win his way to the White House. A combination of a socially progressive agenda blended with staunch fiscal conservatism and an unprecedented vision of government transparency and accountability created a wildfire grass-roots movement whose momentum - especially among the younger generation - nearly carried the day in the last election, and Luthor undoubtedly hopes to build on that historic momentum for his second presidential bid.

Although the American people generally view big business tycoons like Mr. Luthor with suspicion and resentment - especially in light of the rampant exploitation which has been exposed in recent years - Mr. Luthor has managed to stand apart from this criticism. All probes in to LexCorp finances have revealed nothing but the most ethical business practices, and Mr. Luthor personally oversees the dispensation of all of his many charitable funds, which are consistently lauded for their social work.

On the subject of Mr. Luthor's character, Gotham City judge Catherine Dent says, "Mr. Luthor is a visionary leader, and one of the most honest men I have ever met. If more business leaders as responsible and civic-conscious as Lex Luthor, the whole great financial crisis would never have happened. This nation needs to know that it can absolutely trust Mr. Luthor in the highest office in the land - in fact I wish we could find a hundred clones of him to fill the Senate chamber as well: then this country would really see some social reform!"

Among Mr download illustrator cs6. Luthor's entourage is international businesswoman Talia al Ghoul, who took over as interim LexCorp CEO during Mr. Luthor's last campaign. When asked what she thought of Mr. Luthor's chances were at being elected, the wry, dark-haired beauty smirked and said, "Since I am not a citizen of this country, I would never presume to tell the American people how to vote, but as an outsider I would like to observe that for the last 27 years, Mr. Luthor has managed a corporation whose annual income is more than double that of your government - and he, for one, has never had problems balancing his budget! International business, moreover, is a game of politics, and there is no one more respected among his peers or skilled at navigating that diplomatic maze than Lex Luthor."

Despite this support, however, Mr. Luthor can look forward to some heated opposition in his upcoming campaign, including his current host, Bruce Wayne, who was vociferous in his disapproval of Lex's last bid for the White House. Mr. Wayne not only endorsed Luthor's opponent in the last election, but he also implied that Luthor's sterling character could be nothing more than a work of fiction. "Even the cleanest of characters has something he or she needs to hide," Mr. Wayne opined at the time, "And the fact that even Mr. Luthor's staunchest enemies can't find anything anything to besmirch his image speaks of a slate that is not naturally pristine but rather one has been thoroughly and meticulously wiped. Nobody is that blameless."

All eyes will be on Gotham in the next few days to see what Luthor's first move will be in his new campaign. If Luthor's past actions have taught us anything, it's to expect the extraordinary in all his endeavors.

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