Letter to the Daily Planet

By Clark Kent

The Daily planet recently received the following letter:

"My name is Dr Leland and I am the Chief Medical Supervisor at the Elizabeth Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane here in Gotham City. I am writing to you, editor, out of sheer exasperation at my apparent inability to go through proper channels. You know that billionaire Bruce Wayne is throwing a benefit to help the asylum and we are of course very grateful for his generosity. However, I feel that I must object on the strongest possible terms to his decision to conspire with Judge Catherine Dent to have two of my patients released for the evening, to act as living examples of our work. While this is a lovely gesture in theory, Judge Dent’s choice of the Joker and Harley Quinn pushes the risk factor beyond acceptability. Your readers are no doubt aware of the Joker’s horrifying criminal record here in Gotham and around the world, and Quinn’s devotion to him is nothing short of delusional. It is my professional opinion that these patients do NOT belong outside asylum walls at this time achat kamagra.
An added worry: I’ve also been informed that several former patients of ours will be there as well. I’m worried about relapses, the Joker can be very persuasive.
Wayne and Judge Dent’s scheme to present these two Harlequins of Hate as trophies for the possible benefactors makes my stomach turn, regardless of whether or not the asylum will benefit. Commissioner Gordon assures me that Wayne Manor will be heavily guarded, and while he is a man of his word, I know what these two are capable of.

Joan Leland, PsyD"

Clearly, there is concern from multiple quarters about Bruce Wayne's upcoming charity ball. This reporter, along with colleagues Lois Lane and Cat Grant will be in attendance to cover the event as it occurs.


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